Kristen & Jake Whitehall Wedding

Whitehall Wedding - Annapolis, MD 

Kristen's one of the those brides who looks like they stepped right out of a bridal magazine. Elegant, simple, timeless.

This whole wedding is a work of art, and totally perfect to showcase the love of such a beautiful couple. We love the flower crowns, the simple silhouette of Kristen's dress, the navy tux Jake chose, and all the gorgeous rustic elements in the decor and accessories (did we mention we love copper???) 

For most couples drone is really a personal preference, but in this case we're SO glad Kristen and Jake took advantage of that option. The sweeping views of the ocean and their venue really help set the mood in their video, and it's an add-on that we think more couples should consider if they know they're going to be at a venue (or in an area) that would really look stunning from a bird's eye view! 

Song: Ho Hey by the Lumineers licensed via songfreedom

Venue: Whitehall (PS. Check out the venue video we created for them!)




Katie & Jeremy - Purcellville, VA

Shadow Creek Wedding - Purcellville, VA


We are such suckers for a rustic barn setting - is there anything more romantic?! Fall in Virginia is something else! 

One thing we really love about rustic weddings is that inevitably they always feel so personal. Over done? Cookie-cutter? Think again! We feel that the simplicity of a rustic wedding really gives couples a chance to let their personalities shine through. ("All you need is love... and a little ice cream", anyone?! Then again, who can say no to ice cream? Definitely not us.) 

We love all the personal touches in this wedding (especially Katie's glittery sneakers!) and the way they jazz up the more elegant aspects - and don't think for a second we're not drooling over those chic black bridesmaid dresses. But above everything else we love how this wedding was a real family-affair. From the father-daughter first look to how involved their son is, Katie and Jeremy's video really gives us the warm fuzzies. These two are the bond joining two wonderful communities and families and we're so glad we caught a glimpse of the love that they're surrounded by in their wedding film. 

We always go into a wedding with the intent to capture the way things feel, in the most stunning cinematic way possible so you can relive the magic of your day again and again. 

Venue: Shadow Creek Wedding Events
Song Choice: "Stubborn Love" by The Lumineers (licensed via 



Lina & Rory

Ugh give us a well-woven bridal head wreath and we will give you a major disney-princess sigh of longing. Why is this wistful perfection not a part of daily fashion? And 2:44 - 2:54... what a perfect venue! It totally parallels her head wreath - rustic, beautiful, laid-back, and impeccably put-together.

Thanks Lina and Rory! 

Venue: Stoltzfus Homestead & Gardens
Song choice: "Yours" by Robert Shirley Kelly (



Shira & Adam - Dock 5 Wedding

Dock 5 Wedding Video - Washington, DC

Fun fact, the candles on the altar in the opening scene are fake, which is impressive because they're so incredibly life-like! We thought that was such a cool trick - all the romantic atmosphere without the threat of, you know, possible fire... except for the inevitable flames between Shira and Adam ;)) THEIR WEDDING WAS SMOKIN' HOT! I mean, even their song choice goes, "My love you shine so bright." Seewhatwedidthere?

Full video available on our Vimeo page here

Thanks Shira and Adam!

Song: "You Shine" by Andrew Simple (

Vendors: Rex & Regina Event (Teresa Lee)
Venue: Union Market - Dock 5



Trish & Joe

The Grand Luxury Wedding - Baltimore, MD

"Joe, I know you think I'm not as sentimental as you, but, here it goes... to me you represent everything that is important in life" - OHMYGOSHSTOPITTTTTT!! We respectfully disagree with Trish on this one... she is so romantic! In fact, all throughout the day both Trish and Joe gave each other the sweetest glances :) ... and Joe gave Trish the sweetest RING(s)!! And by sweetest we mean OHMYGOSHSTOPITTTTT it's so gorgeous!! Seriously, though, check out 3:47. Wear sunglasses.

Thanks Trish and Joe!

Song: "Best Part of Me" by Landon Austin (

Vendors: St. Alphonsus Church - Embassy Suites - Rusty Scupper Restaurant (Rehearsal Dinner) - Heather Hagin Weddings & Events



Gina & Huy

Weatherlea Farm and Vineyard Wedding - Lovettsville, VA

Ok so there are llamas in this video. True story. And cute flower girls, beautiful mother-in-laws (seriously, though, that gold dress!), multiple food trucks, a farmhouse reception straight out of Pinterest, and spot-on eye makeup that's whatever adjective is above "professional" (lashes at 00:26 <3). 10/10!!

Thanks Gina and Huy!


Song: "You" (Piano and Strings Version) by Future of Forestry (

Vendors: A Necessary Event (Vanessa) - Hilton McLean Tysons Corner - Universalist National Memorial Church - Hong Kong Pearl




Danielle & Dave

Shadow Creek Wedding Video - Purcellville, VA 20132

If you're having a bad day, skip forward to 1:25 in the video. If that plump little ball of adorable baby doesn't brighten your day, nothing will! Danielle's ring takes the cake, however, and gives off an impressive shine that would light up even the cloudiest day ;) That's some serious bling!!

Thanks Danielle and Dave!


Song choice: "Forever Starts Today" by Tim Halperin (



Bettina & JP

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Wedding Video - St. Michaels, MD

This video thumbnail does not do Bettina's beautiful bouquet enough justice - it's like right out of a magazine! And Bettina and JP's romance, like right out of a movie. We loved her walk up to JP during their first look, and JP's reaction to her morning letter. The waterfront ceremony stole our hearts and the groomsmen axe present made us smile :)

Thanks Bettina and JP!


Song choice: "Something Beautiful" by Tim Halperin (

Vendors: PSC Hair Artistry - The Makeup Chic- Michael & Carina Photography - Gourmet by the Bay




Arsh & Zak

The Willard Intercontinental Wedding Video - Washington, DC

"I can't think of a single time Zak has done me wrong, and that's very rare in a friendship," says Zak's Best Man ....and we can't think of a single thing wrong in this wedding! If you look up "perfect" and "stunning" in the dictionary, you'll see their picture ;))

Thanks Arsh and Zak!


Songs: "Always" by Joonie (

Vendors: The Moment Events (Fakhra Khalid) - Main Event Caterers - Smithsonian Museum - Creamcruiser Ice Cream





Diana & Ryan

The Osprey's at Belmont Bay Wedding Video - Woodbridge, VA

We love how Ryan looks at Diana in the beginning of this video - despite all the wind, the officiant's words, Diana looking elsewhere...Ryan is all about his future wife :)) The goofy facials of both parties during the fun photoshoot (1:33) is another favorite moment of ours. 


Thanks Diana and Ryan!


Song: "Marry Me" by Skeyler Kole (




Jess & Devin

Woodlawn Manor Wedding Video - Sandy Spring, MD

A rainy wedding for couple who couldn't be sunnier. Devin and Jess shared so many sweet kisses throughout the day, we lost track! The weather definitely didn't damper anyone's mood...umbrellas never looked so romantic!

Thanks Jess and Devin :)


Song: "We Belong Together" by VOWS (

Vendors:  Candy+Co (Alana) - Suhreal Artistry - Alison Harper & Co - Sweet Bespoke Photography - AirPac - Air Conditioners & Heaters for Tens & Barns - DJ Brian Jones - The Prop Stop Photobooth



Jessie & John

Old Angler's Inn Wedding Video - Bethesda, MD

"She's quite smitten by this kid," says Jessie's Dad when he recounts meeting John for the first time and realizing the depths of his daughter's affection. "Her imperfections are what make her perfect to me," said John to his future father-in-law when he asked for permission to propose.

...and this wedding was perfect to us!

Thanks Jessie and John :)


Song: "Best Day of My Life" by American Authors (

Vendors: Columbia Country Club - Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle - The Mayflower Hotel - Nightsong - Tryos Ensemble 



Dana & Ron

Anderson House Wedding Video - Washington, DC

What class, and such history here...that stairway descent at 2:16 ??? Geez, write a fairytale storybook already! We can't get over this couple or Ron's blueberry muffin cufflinks :)) goals on goals on goals.


Thanks Dana and Ron!

Song: "Song For You" by Jenny & Tyler (

Vendors: The Embassy Row Hotel



Gina & Vineet

North Bethesda Marriott Wedding Video - North Bethesda, MD

This is a wedding we'd definitely travel back in time for :) Their adoring first look, fun and energetic family (check out that dancing!), never-ending little details, vibrant colors, and beautiful traditions...sign us up for a repeat!! 

Thanks Gina and Vineet!


Song: "Hey Mama" by Matt Kearny (

Vendors: Project Bride DC (Neeva) - Indaroma (Abhishek) - Imperial Decor (Saba) - Jeff Simpson Photography (Jeff & Tara) - B4U (Bunty) - Sweet & Savory (Meghan) - Harmon's Carriages



Sonia & Chris

Mayflower Hotel Wedding Video - Washington, DC

Fun fact: Chris is a singer and sounds EXACTLY like Nate Reuss from "Fun." And his marriage with Sonia...maybe exactly like heaven ;)

Thanks Sonia and Chris!


Song: "Gone, Gone, Gone" by Phillip Phillips (

Vendors: Event Accomplished (Vicky Choy) - Bollywood Bistro (Pankaj Sharma) - Bridal Artistry - Fluffy Thoughts - Kurstin Roe - Dynasty Entertainment - Regal Limousine (John Bays) - Harmon's Hayrides and Carriages (Midge Harmon) 


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Jenny & Robert

Le Meridien Hotel Wedding Video - Arlington, VA

We love this song and adore this couple! Some favorite moments from the day: the jeweled belt on Jenny's wedding dress and its back bow, the groomsmen's fun snapback hats, the emotional speeches, and the messy but smiling wedding cake exchange ;)

Thanks Jenny and Robert!


Song: "All This Time" by One Republic (

Vendors: Julie Lim Photography - Happy Eatery - ShutterBooth - Black Tie Entertainment - Kim Thoa Nguyen (Hair & Makeup) - Sammy's Rentals - Twinbrook Florist - Linda Ha Events & Design

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Noah & Patchie

Four Seasons Hotel Wedding Video - Washington DC

What smiles!! Truly infectious :)) We grinned the most when the groomsmen compared their speech notes and when Noah leaned forward in disbelief upon seeing Patchie in her dress. A gorgeous wedding for a gorgeous couple!

Thanks Noah and Patchie!


Song: "Tonight" by Secret Nation (