Trish & Joe

The Grand Luxury Wedding - Baltimore, MD

"Joe, I know you think I'm not as sentimental as you, but, here it goes... to me you represent everything that is important in life" - OHMYGOSHSTOPITTTTTT!! We respectfully disagree with Trish on this one... she is so romantic! In fact, all throughout the day both Trish and Joe gave each other the sweetest glances :) ... and Joe gave Trish the sweetest RING(s)!! And by sweetest we mean OHMYGOSHSTOPITTTTT it's so gorgeous!! Seriously, though, check out 3:47. Wear sunglasses.

Thanks Trish and Joe!

Song: "Best Part of Me" by Landon Austin (

Vendors: St. Alphonsus Church - Embassy Suites - Rusty Scupper Restaurant (Rehearsal Dinner) - Heather Hagin Weddings & Events