Katie & Jeremy - Purcellville, VA

Shadow Creek Wedding - Purcellville, VA


We are such suckers for a rustic barn setting - is there anything more romantic?! Fall in Virginia is something else! 

One thing we really love about rustic weddings is that inevitably they always feel so personal. Over done? Cookie-cutter? Think again! We feel that the simplicity of a rustic wedding really gives couples a chance to let their personalities shine through. ("All you need is love... and a little ice cream", anyone?! Then again, who can say no to ice cream? Definitely not us.) 

We love all the personal touches in this wedding (especially Katie's glittery sneakers!) and the way they jazz up the more elegant aspects - and don't think for a second we're not drooling over those chic black bridesmaid dresses. But above everything else we love how this wedding was a real family-affair. From the father-daughter first look to how involved their son is, Katie and Jeremy's video really gives us the warm fuzzies. These two are the bond joining two wonderful communities and families and we're so glad we caught a glimpse of the love that they're surrounded by in their wedding film. 

We always go into a wedding with the intent to capture the way things feel, in the most stunning cinematic way possible so you can relive the magic of your day again and again. 

Venue: Shadow Creek Wedding Events
Song Choice: "Stubborn Love" by The Lumineers (licensed via songfreedom.com)